Healey X230

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This 1960 Austin Healey X230 is said to have been built at the factory in Abingdon early in 1960 as a styling exercise for a potential four headlamp model. After looking at the near finished product, the stylists apparently realized that the Healey had to be widened for it to look better with the four headlights. While doing this, they realized that they could also fit a DeDion rear end and rack and pinion steering. The new design was not selected for production and after being used for testing exercises by development teams, it was covered and shelved until the factory closed its doors in 1971. It is now available in Itasca, Illinois for $225k.
1960 Austin Healey X230 Experimental Prototype For Sale Front

Features exclusive to the X230:

  • Four wheel disc brakes
  • De Dion rear end with axle shafts
  • Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers anchored to a watt linkage
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Four-Inch wider track than stock vehicle
  • 25-gallon long-range gas tank
  • Four wheel wing arches
  • Factory hardtop
  • Four headlamps
  • Unique front and rear bumpers
  • Competition steering wheel
  • Seven gauge dash, Halda Sports Speed Pilot, Halda Trip Master, Hauer Curto Rally Time check (connects to the radio and broadcasts GMT to synchronize other rally instruments)
  • Unique dash switches and door pulls
  • Unique chassis

1960 Austin Healey X230 Experimental Prototype For Sale Rear

Nomenclature for X230:

  • H-BTZ Factory code for this base model
  • X230 Official factory name
  • X250 T Official factory designation for chassis
  • 1C.H.43761 Factory motor number
  • ST 296 Factory styling exercise
  • 012X300 Factory chassis number stamped on the chassis


Technical Profile of X230:

Engine: 6 Cylinders inline compression ratio 9.5:1
Carburetors: 3 twin choke 45 DCOE Webers
Horsepower: 150HP @ 5,500 RPM
Transmission: 4 speed with overdrive
Rear End: 3.54:1

  • Front 16-inch Girling Discs
  • Rear 10-inch Girling Discs

1960 Austin Healey X230 Experimental Prototype For Sale Engine

The car has been featured in the following publications:

  • “The Big Healeys” by Geoff Healey, on page 132
  • “Thoroughbred and Classics”, December 1985 Issue, on page 58-60
  • “The Healey Marque” August 2007 Issue, on the cover page, then page 14 -19 and 26 – 27