International Healey Weekend June 1985 Brands Hatch

DVD of International Healey Weekend June 1985 Brands Hatch

This unique record of the three day event at Brands Hatch commissioned by World Wide Austin Healeys in 1985 condensed into 50 minutes, (From 3 days filming) gives an insight into the prolific work of Donald Mitchell Healey CBE, and his son Geoffrey Healey over a period of 40 years (at the time).
Some 306 Healeys of all types and also some 1100 attendees over the the three days. (I personally counted them - twice!! and handled the booking forms, with 9 European AHCs present, as well as members from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Greece, and The Association of Healey Owners UK, Austin Healey Club UK and Jensen Healey Club UK.
Phillip Young (Sporting cars editor - and Pirrelli Marathon organizer) - interviews Ex- Works drivers Jack Sears, Don & Erle Morley, David Seigle-Morris, Tony Ambrose, Nancy Mitchell, BMC Competitions Manager Marcus Chambers, Ex- Works personnel Den Green, Doug Watts etc etc.(5 mins) In the background Sid Segal, John Chatham, Colin Stokes etc etc. Many club members and their cars are interviewed and seen.
Many Ex works cars Rally, Le Mans, Sebring etc.
Detailed Concours, by Keith Homewood covering most cars during the event.
Donald Mitchell Healey CBE. :- 7 minute interview.
Donald and Brian Healey presenting the awards for the weekend.
40 car parade with talk over by Phillip Young - covering the earliest Healeys (Elliot, Tickford, Silverstone, Duncan etc etc) through to the last Jensen Healey and GT, and everything in between.

Austin Healey nostalgia at its best!

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